nail polish design ideas home

5 nail polish design ideas home 2022

5 nail polish design ideas home 2022

In this post from donyamode site, we want to publish 5 nail polish design ideas home 2022 for you. In order to be able to implement these designs on your nails, you need to practice and watch the following videos several times. By practicing a few times, you can definitely learn beautiful and simple designs that you will watch in the video.

1- purple nail designs simple

The idea of ​​designing beautiful nails with purple and cyan colors that you can easily do at home. This nail design is recommended for long and medium nails, and for better implementation of this design, be sure to watch the video below at least three times. nail ideas 1 …

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2- simple designs for nails 2022

Simple nail design for short nails that in order to be able to implement this design in your own home, you need to watch the video below carefully. Those of you who are interested in nail design at home can start with simple and easy designs that do not require much experience and training. Neatly done nails are the best accessory. So, the best way to maintain them is to do the simplest nail designs once a week. So do not miss watching the video below because it helps you learn simple but beautiful designs.

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3- nail art ideas for short nails

Attractive nail design for short nails, this design looks simple but you need a lot of practice to implement it at home, so look carefully at the clip below and pay attention to its tips so that you can after a few times Practice it.

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4- long nails design ideas 

Next, we want to publish a professional nail design clip for you in the next clip. This video is for people who have enough expertise in nail design and are just looking for ideas. But for beginners, this plan is not recommended because it requires a lot of experience and expertise.

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5- Heart design for short nails

You can see a simple heart-shaped design for short nails in the next video. If you are interested in this design model, I suggest posting valentines nail ideas + 33 attractive models 2022 Or post 38 of the best valentine’s day short nail designs 2022 See.

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